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How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks Error H202 arises in your PC when a workstation fails to communicate with the company file. In such a scenario it doesn’t permit its users to access the company files. There are multiple causes and signs behind this error. So, before following the troubleshooting steps, you need to know its signs and causes.

Signs of QuickBooks Error H202

These are the signs of QuickBooks Error H202:
1.     You will see QuickBooks Error Code h202 on your system when the software’s user fails to switch to multi-user mode.
2.     QuickBooks software freezes.
3.     Your PC becomes inactive.
4.     You will not be able to open the company file that is located on another PC.

Causes of QuickBooks Error H202

Check out the possible causes of QuickBooks Error H202:
1.     Maybe, the hosting settings are not configured.
2.     Probably, the user is not able to exchange the data between the server and the software because of the blockage by the firewall software.
3.     The error may occurred due to some issues in DNS settings.
4.     There are chances to receive the error if the server’s IP address is not available.
5.     It might be possible that you get the error if the QuickBooks services are not working.
6.     You may see error h202 in case there is an issue with the QB Database Server Manager.

Troubleshooting steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202

Follow these steps to fix QB error h202 from the root:
1.     First, you have to turn on hosting on all workstations.
2.     Now, you need to click on the server name.
3.     Next, you have to add the server name.

1.     Firstly, you need to install and run the QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool on your PC.
2.     Secondly, you have to scan the folder where the company file has been placed.
3.     Thirdly, you need to note the IP address.
4.     You have to click on open ports.
5.     You need to check the data file connectivity.
6.     Thereafter, you have to re-launch the company file.
7.     Finally, you are still confronting the error, add the QB port to the exceptions list in the windows firewall.

Make a new folder for the company file

1.     Initially, you need to make a new folder.
2.     Secondly, you have to share the folder.
3.     Thirdly, you need to set up the windows access and folder permissions.
4.     Lastly, you have to launch the company file in the multi-user mode.

Install & Run the QB File Doctor Tool

You need to download and then install QuickBooks FileDoctor, then this tool will automatically identify the error h202 and fix it.

Create the. ND company file again

1.     First, you need to look for .ND in the windows search and then click enter.
2.     Now, you have to delete the .ND file by right-clicking on the specific file.
3.     Thereafter, you need to click on confirm when the confirmation window displays on your system.
4.     You need to click on Windows.
5.     You have to select all programs option and then click on QuickBooks.
6.     Next, you need to click on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
7.     Click on the scan folder.
8.     You need to click on the add folder and then browse the company file folder.
9.     You have to select the company file and then press OK.
10. You need to click on scan.
11. Finally, click on close option.

Locate hosting to local files

1.     First, you need to open QuickBooks.
2.     Now, you have to click on F2 to open the product information.
3.     Next, you need to click on choose hosting.
4.     In the end, confirm that no other client is trying to host the same company file.

Save the server to the Windows Host File

1.     Firstly, you need to go to the windows hosts on your PC wherein the software’s is there.
2.     Secondly, you have to launch notepad as Admin, if required.
3.     Now, you need to locate the insertion point and you need to add the server’s IP address.
4.     You have to add the TAB key and then type the server name.
5.     You need to click on Save and then on exit.
6.     Finally, you have to launch the company file.

Re-launch the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

1.     In the beginning, you need to open windows run and write msc.
2.     Secondly, you have to click on ok.
3.     Thirdly, you need to right-click on the files named as QuickBooksDB17, QuickBooksDB18, QuickBooks DB19 and click on Stop option.
4.     You need to click on start and then close the windows.
5.     Next, click on present extensions for the known file types.
6.     You need to choose the view tab and then click hide QuickBooks file extensions for the known file types.
7.     You have to click on view tab and then choose show hidden files and folders. With this, you need to click on delete the hide protected operating system files.
8.     You need to click on yes on the warning message and then press OK.
9.     Lastly, you have to close the windows explorer.


Hopefully, you have got an idea of why QuickBooks Error H202 occurs while working with the software. The blog has also mentioned signs, causes, and the steps to troubleshoot this error.
If you are still facing QuickBooks Error H202, then dial the QuickBooks Toll- Free Support Phone Number 1-888-986-7735.

Monday, 6 April 2020

What is QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC?

At the point when you're into maintaining a business, it's difficult to keep yourself off from QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC arrangements. In QuickBooks, you have a different organization file to work and deal with all databases. In any case, you may need to move data from your QuickBooks organization file to an outsider application like Microsoft Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and so forth. This is the place ODBC driver comes into the scene. It permits you to trade data from the QuickBooks organization file to various projects. Connect with QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support group to know whether your release support ODBC driver.
Arranging the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC
To ensure you can send out data from the QuickBooks ODBC drive to different applications, it is required to have an ODBC Driver arranged in your framework. The accompanying advances can be followed to accomplish this:
1. Click on the Filemenu in your QuickBooks.
2. Choose Utilities .
3. Then select Set Up ODBC .
4. Go to the General tab in the window that opens straightaway.
At that point adhere to the beneath referenced guidelines:
1. Choose Use the Company file that is currently open in QuickBooksoption.
2.In the Data Source Name,enter QuickBooks Data
3. Click the Test Connection to QuickBooks Make sure you're marked in as Admin to be permitted to run the test association.
5. You get the message: Test Connection to QuickBooks Successful .
6. Click OK and afterward pick Apply.
7. Click on the Message tab.
Follow below steps for QuickBooks OBDC
1. Uncheck the Detail Tracing (Slow)checkbox.
2. Click Display Optimizer Status Panel checkboxes.
3. To see QODBC working status, pick Display Driver Status Panel (Optional step).
4. Click Apply when you experience and comprehend the subtleties.
5. Click the Optimizer tab.
How to determine QuickBooks odbc drive?
1. Click on the Use Optimizer box.
2. The suggested way or the default Optimizer way to be utilized is %AppData%\QODBC Driver for QuickBooks\Optimizer.
3. Select The beginning of each inquiry.
4. Click Apply.
5. Click OK and you leave the ODBC Driver set up.
Note: The time taken for the underlying improvement may vary dependent on the size of the file. It for the most part takes hours. The more exchanges will mean longer time for enhancement.
Specialized Support ODBC QuickBooks Enterprise 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
While playing out the previously mentioned advances or adhering to the directions, you face any sort of trouble, you can get moment QuickBooks Support from our specialized help officials. They are well-gifted and get adequate information to manage your issues. We make a point to help you in the handling of the product. Client Can Resolve Following issue.
• QuickBooks Enterprise Odbc Permission Denied.
• QuickBooks Enterprise Use Odbc To Import Invoices.
• Add Odbc User QuickBooks Enterprise.
• QuickBooks Enterprise Odbc Tables.
• QuickBooks Enterprise Odbc Reports .
Our Help Desk :
Your confidence is our quality and we will never let ourselves lose our quality. We offer effective specialized help to people who trust us and purchase our items. We, at QuickBooks, give various phone lines where our customers and clients can openly associate with us and offer their specialized issues. We are accessible for your help 24*7.

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How to Create a QuickBooks Accountant Copy?

QuickBooks Accountant copy is a dedicated software add-on from Intuit Inc. that allows the two accountants and clients to initiate their working on a shared computer. In a layman language, you have the permission to make changes on a QuickBooks company record at the same time. The basis of this add-on is that the company file is shared between the two accountants and clients seamlessly. The accountant can roll out the improvements in a company record without interrupting the work process of a customer by using this component.

You can perform operate QuickBooks accountant copy without much efforts. However, you are allowed to call us whenever while getting stuck at any step.

How to create an accountant's copy in QuickBooks?

The steps which will be given in this blog are according to the QuickBooks technical team. In case, your accountant wants to audit your books, at that point you can create and send them an accountant's copy. Thusly, your accountant will have the option to do changes without interfering with your work.

Step 1: Setting up QuickBooks

In case, you are working on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, at that point you are advised to kill the component of the Advanced QuickBooks Inventory. From that point onward, you can follow the steps of creating a QuickBooks accountant's copy. It very well may be turned on the back once the accountant copy sends it to your accountant.

Step 2: Go for QuickBooks Accountant's Copy on your computer system
We will share the two ways to have your aforementioned copy. The foremost step we will depict that you need to generate a record to put on an online hosting service. If you aren’t succeed with this step then the second path is to create a document to put on a USB.

Step 3: Import QuickBooks accountant's changes
After you have sent the QuickBooks Accountant's Copy, QuickBooks will display the "Accountant's Changes Pending" reminder just alongside the company document.

Step 4: You have to look into the changes

There might be changes done by your accountant. Now, as a matter of fact, this will be automatically included in your QuickBooks, and you don’t need to do it. You just require watching that the changes won't strife with any on-going work.

Our Help Desk

All the aspects of QuickBooks Accountant Copy have been described in the above article. We trust that you have perused the blog cautiously and find it useful. In some cases, users stall out in the process of creating a QuickBooks accountant's copy or importing the changes to their accountant. To manage such cases, we prescribe you to connect with us at QuickBooks Support by dialing our toll number 1-888-986-7735. We will manage the correct way to manage all issues identified with QuickBooks.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

How to download QuickBooks database server manager ?

In QuickBooks, you get the feature of ‘Multi-User Access. You can use this feature only when you have installed the QuickBooks database server manager in your system. Basically, the QuickBooks server manager permits you to manage the QuickBooks server for multi-user access. Additionally, the QuickBooks database manager makes a data file (.ND) for any required company file on the local host system.

Let’s take a look at the steps of installing and updating the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

How to install the QuickBooks Server Manager?

The following are the steps to install the QuickBooks database server manager:

1. First of all, double-tap on the QuickBooks installer.

2. Choose the installation of the Wizard.

3. If the PC is connected to the Internet, click on next and download the update. And if, the PC is not connected to the Internet, then select No and choose Next.

4. You need to shut down other programs and choose Next.

5. Choose “I accept the terms in the license agreement and click on Next.

6. Click on Custom or Network Options.

7. Now, you are required to choose the installation type:

a) Select I’ll be using QuickBooks on this PC, and I will be storing only when if you access the QB program on the PC.

b) You need to accept “I’ll not be using QB on this PC only when you will not only store QB data on this PC.

8. Choose Yes and permit access.

9. Type your License and Product number.

10. Once the installation gets completed, set up the QuickBooks database manager.

How to Update the QuickBooks Server Manager?

Here are the steps in order to update the QuickBooks database server manager:

1. To update the QuickBooks server manager, you first need to download the QuickBooks patch.

2. Once the installation of the patch gets completed, restart the server.

3. After updating the server, you will get a message on the screen “The Company file requires to be updated to work with this version of the QuickBooks Desktop.

4. You just require to follow the on-screen instructions to update the QuickBooks server manager.
5. Now, you can open the company file.

To Conclude:

Expectantly, the above blog helped you in knowing all about the QuickBooks Server Manager. In case, you did not find the article fruitful and want to get more information about the same, then you are recommended to get in touch with our certified experts by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-888-986-7735. We will guide you by providing instant assistance to resolve every issue related to QuickBooks.

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How to export chart of accounts in QuickBooks?

The chart of accounts in QuickBooks will show you the list of your company’s balances and accounts. With the help of the list, you can organize your transactions on your tax and reports forms. Apart from this, you will also come to know about the money you have and owe in every account. Chart of accounts QuickBooks will provide you the complete company’s balance and accounts. It will help you in keeping your data in one place. Let’s move ahead and discover the need to export the chart of accounts.

Certainly, creating a company file in a well-organized manner is a major task that will take lots of effort and time. Besides, exporting a chart of accounts in QB will help you in streamlining your work. Let’s learn the procedure of how to export a chart of accounts in QuickBooks with the easy to implement steps.

Procedure to Export Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

1. First of all, you need to open the company file in QuickBooks.

2. Then, you have to find the chart of accounts that you want to export.

3. Now, you are required to select a file from the taskbar.

4. You will be going to a utility option and select export.

5. With this, choose lists option to IIF files.

6. You will see a list appearing on your screen.

7. Then, you will be choosing a chart of the accounts option.

8. Afterward, save a dialogue box that will be visible on your system screen.

9. Finally, you will be saving the file.

Converting the file for Microsoft Excel

After exporting the file, you are required to convert to the right format for opening it in Excel. This will help you in permitting you to import the file back to QB.

Convert the File

1. Initially, you need to open excel on your PC screen.

2. After that, you are required to search for data from the taskbar.

3. Then, you need to click on the text option.

4. With this, a dialogue box will be shown as an import text file.

5. Now, you have to go to the folder where saved the chart of accountants is already saved.

6. The next step is to search for the text import wizard.

7. You are required to utilize it for searching for your chosen IIF file.

8. With this, you have to open the file and follow these steps properly:

· You will be selecting the file that you want to export and choose the delimited option.

· You need to click next.

9. Finally, you have to choose the column data format and then you need to click on the general option. 

Save the File

1. To begin with, you need to select the location to import the file.

2. Then, choose the worksheet option and click on the okay option.

3. You will be going to the File drop-down menu and then click on the save option.

4. In In the end, your file will be saved in an excel sheet format.

Hopefully, you have got to know the process to import the chart of accounts into QuickBooks.


Indeed, the blog has clearly explained to you about the chart of accounts QuickBooks in a detailed manner. Along with this, it has also informed you about the need to export QuickBooks chart of accounts to excel. The comprehensive information is given to you for the QuickBooks export chart of accounts so that it’s become easy for you to understand each step.

If you want to know about the chart of accounts QuickBooks or export QuickBooks to excel, then dial Toll-free QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number 888-986-7735.

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Friday, 21 February 2020

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6000?

QuickBooks error 6000 is an error that may occur when you try to open a company file on your PC. It can also arise when you are attempting to restore a previous backup of your files. Furthermore, there could be several reasons for getting QuickBooks error code 6000 on the system screen. You need to find out the various reasons before going for the solutions. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error -6000

These are the causes of QuickBooks software error 6000:

1. Might be your firewall is blocking the connection.

2. Corrupted.TLG could also be the reason for the error.

3. The installation file of QuickBooks is corrupted.

4. Maybe the network connection on your PC is wrongly configured.

5. The error may also arise in case you are attempting to restore a backup of your files.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000

You have to go through the solutions to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 6000:

Solution 1: Backup of File

1. To begin with, you need to open a company file on your computer system.

2. After that, you need to click on the file option.

3. Then you need to select on the option utilities.

4. You are required to click on the stop hosting multi-user-mode.

5. Finally, you need to edit the company file name.

Solution 2- Configure Firewall and Anti-virus Software

1. To begin with, you need to open QuickBooks database manager.

2. Then after, you have to find the port monitor tab and search QuickBooks version.

3. Thirdly, don’t forget to note the Firewall port number.

4. After that, you need to open your Windows Firewall.

5. Next, you need to click on advanced settings given option.

6. Now, you have to right-click on the inbounds option.

7. And, then choose the option for a new rule.

8. You have to click on the port option.

9. In the end, click on the next option.

If you are still facing QuickBooks error 6000, then feel free to dial Toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number 1-888-986-7735.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

What is QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and how to use it ?

While installing QuickBooks software, you may encounter the errors like qb Error 1935, qb Error 1603, qb error1402, and much more. The errors of QuickBooks will create a hindrance in your work while performing the accounting work. In such situation, you need to use QuickBooks component repair tool to overcome the errors. The tool can be easily downloaded on your computer system and it fixes the issues with the Microsoft components, like Framework, Microsoft. NET, Microsoft MSXML, and Microsoft Visual C++. 

Let’s know how to download QuickBooks component tool so that you can get rid of the errors happening while using the software.

Steps to download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

You need to follow the steps to use QuickBooks component repair tool:

1. In the beginning, you need restart your computer.

2. After that you have to close all the programs.

3. Then, you need to download QuickBooks component repair tool.

4. Net, you have to run the program by double-clicking on the file.

5. Finally, restart your PC.

By implementing the aforementioned steps you can easily download QuickBooks component repair tool on your computer system.

How to Fix Erros with QB component repair tool?

You need to follow the steps to fix the QuickBooks errors in a proper way:

Repair Microsoft .NET framework

1. To begin with, you need to download QuickBooks repair component tool.

2. You have to save the file on the local desktop.

3. Now, you need to shut the open programs on your PC screen and then double-click on QBInstall_tool_v2.exe

4. You are required to restart your PC.

In case you are still encountering some issue, you need to go through the below-steps:

1. You have to click Windows key.

2. After that, go to the “search bar”, and type Windows update in the box.

3. Finally, check for updates.

Repair Microsoft MSXML

1. To begin with, you need to register MSXML DLL files.

2. Then, you have to uninstall and reinstall MSXML 6.0.

3. Now, you need to download and install MSXML 6.0 SP1

4. Finally, repair MSXML 6.0

By performing the above steps, you will be able to fix the QuickBooks errors in an instant manner with QuickBooks component repair tool windows 10.


Hopefully, with the help of the blog you have got the clear understanding of what QuickBooks component repair tool is all about. Also, the blog has given you the right steps to download the steps on your computer system. And, finally the steps to troubleshoot the error are also given to fix the issue of error as soon as possible. The blog will definitely help you in overcoming all the errors of QuickBooks software.

If you want to know more about QuickBooks component repair tool, then you need to dial Toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-888-986-7735. In case you are still confronting some issue while using QB component repair tool, you are free to share your troublesome issues with the experienced professional of QuickBooks.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

What is What is QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and how to download it?

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool helps you in dealing with the error codes that might be hampering the workflow while working on QuickBooks. By using this tool, the user will be able to resolve all error codes that arise at the time of installation of the accounting software.
Errors that can be resolved by using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
· QuickBooks Errors related to .NET Framework.
· Errors related to MSXML and C ++.
How to Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?
We provided you the simple steps to install diagnostic tool QuickBooks. The steps of QuickBooks diagnostic tool download are not tricky. You can perform them on your own.
· Choose download QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.
· Save QB Install on the desktop.
· Now, ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe’ displays on the screen.
· Close all the running programs and click on the QBInstall_tool_v2.exe file.
· Restart the PC.
· Check that you have an internet connection.
· Shut down all the apps in the background.
· Now, QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool will automatically detect the issues in your software and resolves all of them.
To SumUp:
We hope that you will get all the required information about the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”. If you want to know more about the same, then feel free to get in touch with us by dialing our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number 1-888-986-7735.

Monday, 10 February 2020

How to download QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is a tool that has been designed for QuickBooks users. Users can use this tool to deal with various error codes and the issues related to the .Net Framework. You can access the Intuit’s website to install the latest version of the QuickBooks file doctor tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor tool is an advanced tool that not only resolves the issues related to the network but also, finds the file errors and resolve it instantly. This tool is of two types:

1. Built-in File Doctor

2. The stand-alone version

Errors resolving by QuickBooks File Doctor

You may know the error codes that can be fixed by the file doctor tool. Listed below are the error codes that you can resolve by using QuickBooks file doctor:

1. The file doctor tool helps in resolving the company file errors.

2. Dealing with all error codes that comes at the time of installation.

3. The tool helps you in fixing the errors that arise while updating any program.

4. Issues related to vendor lists and empty customer lists can also be fixed.

5. Assists you in resolving multi-user mode errors.

6. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool also assists you in the case of facing issues while using the QuickBooks Database manager.

7. Issues associated with the data damages and the Windows registry can also be resolved by utilizing the doctor file tool.

8. All H series error codes such as H101, H202, H303, and H505 will be fixed by utilizing QB file doctor tool.

How to download QuickBooks File Doctor?

The steps of downloading and installing the QuickBooks file doctor tool have been listed below. You can follow them respectively.

1. First of all, you are required to run the official website of Intuit.

2. After that, click on the QuickBooks File Doctor download.

3. You need to choose Download.

4. Save the file doctor on your desktop so you can easily get the file after installation.

5. After saving the file, you need to click on the QBFD.exe file.

6. In the end, you require to follow the instructions to install the file doctor tool.

Important points that you may know during using file doctor

· Firstly, you required to uninstall the existing QB file doctor. And then, you can install the latest update of QuickBooks desktop file doctor

· The built-in version of the QuickBooks file doctor tool is only available in products released after 2015.

· You will be unable to open the QuickBooks company file at the time of utilizing the external QuickBooks File doctor.

To Sum Up

All the important facts regarding QuickBooks File Doctor have been explained in the above blog. if you did not find the above article useful and want to get more information regarding the same,

Then we suggest you to talk one of our experts by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Phone Number 1-888-986-7735. You will instant assistance by getting in touch with us at any time.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

What is a Clean Install Tool QuickBooks?

QuickBooks clean install tool has been utilized to fix the damages that you might be facing during accessing QuickBooks desktop. You can’t fix the errors just by re-installing the QuickBooks Desktop. The other way to get rid of such error codes is to run QuickBooks clean install. And, the other way is first you need to Uninstall QuickBooks, and then, give new names to the existed files on your PC. After renaming the files, you can reinstall QuickBooks. This whole procedure is known as clean install or clean uninstall.

Note: To uninstall the QuickBooks desktop and create a backup of your company file, you need the QuickBooks license number and the CD. Since there is a probability that you may lose you data. This is advisable only for your benefit.

How to install QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

The following is a list of steps of downloading QuickBooks Clean install:

1. You need to download the file QuickBooks Clean install tool.exe and save it.

2. Access the downloaded file QuickBooks Clean Install exe. File.

3. Choose I accept after getting the license agreement.

4. Select the QuickBooks product > Continue.

5. Choose OK if a message ‘QuickBooks is ready to do a clean install’ displays on the screen.

Steps to access QuickBooks clean install tool?

You need to follow the steps written below in chorological order to install the clean install tool QuickBooks:

Step 1: Un-install QuickBooks.

1. Press Windows + R both together to open the run window.

2. Click on Control Panel > OK.

3. Choose Programs and Features.

4. Open the program list and choose QuickBooks > Uninstall.

5. Click on Finish.

Step 2: Give new name to the installed folders

Under this step, you need to give new names to the existed applications in your system. Clean Install QuickBooks is also used to retitle the installed applications.

In case, the user is unable to access QuickBooks while giving new titles to the folders, then follow the steps written below:

1. You need to choose the Task Manager in the Windows Task Bar.

2. Select Image name column header under the Processes tab.

3. Click on ‘QBDBMr.exe, QBDBMgern.exe, and qbw32.exe.

4. Select END.

5. Choose YES if you get a warning message.

Step 3: Download QuickBooks.

1. You need to follow the steps only when you have the CD.

2. After downloading QuickBooks from the intuit Website, you need to Login QuickBooks account.

3. Download the setup.

4. Type the product number and license number.

5. Click on next.

6. Choose the installation type.

7. Select next > Install.

8. Run QuickBooks desktop.

To Conclusion

In case, the aforementioned article did not help you in installing QuickBooks clean Install Tool or you want to know more about the tool, we recommend you to get in touch with us by dialing our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number on 1-888-986-7735. We will be glad to provide you instant assistance.